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General Rules 2016

  • Contestants will be required to register themselves and their models at the Contestant Registration Desk at the venue, between 8 - 8.30 am, 9th - 10th Jan. 2017
  • All contestants must report at the Jury Room 30 minutes prior to the start of each competition for checking of their models’ hands and competition supplies.
  • Competitions will begin at 9.30 am and ends with the Awards Ceremony at 6.30 pm. All contestants and models are expected to remain at the venue till the Awards Ceremony ends.
  • Once a contestant has registered they cannot change categories.
  • No refunds of competition and entry fees are given. Competition and entrance fees are nontransferable.
  • A contestant can compete in any number of competitions.
  • Every contestant is required to be the only person working on the nails in any category she/ he is registered in, except in the case of Salon Team Challenge category.
  • Contestants must carry ALL necessary products and supplies, including lamps. Products must be in labelled containers.
  • All files and buffers must be unused; electric files and buffing products may be used.
  • No nail moulds may be used.
  • Unless specified, all nail work must be done at the site during the competition itself.
  • All photos/video taken by NAILATHON personnel are the sole property of the organizer, to be used in whatever fashion deemed appropriate by the organizer.
  • All forms of photography and videography are strictly prohibited and can lead to deduction of points for contestants.
  • NAILATHON takes no responsibility for the contestants and/or model’s belongings.
  • No consideration will be given for lack of tools or effects in the competition.

Floor Rules

  • Contestants will have 5 minutes to set up their station prior to the start of each contest.
  • Once the competition begins, Contestants or their models may NOT leave the competition area Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • When a competition ends, Contestants must immediately stop working, and move away from their workstations. Contestants are NOT allowed to touch their models again until they have been judged. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • Any prohibited products or supplies found at a contestant’s workstation will be confiscated, and the contestant may be disqualified. Products will be returned at conclusion of Awards Ceremony, and then only by request.
  • Mobile phones cannot be used during the competition except as silent timers. A ringing or vibrating or answered mobile phone will lead to disqualification or deduction of points for the contestant.
  • Incomplete nails will be judged with an automatic point deduction from the contestant’s final score.
  • Any draws or ties in scores are investigated and a winner awarded by the Jury.
  • Judges will observe and make note of working practices, cleanliness and organization of the contestants.
  • The underside of both hands must look the same.

Model Rules

  • Models must not wear any garments which has sleeves below the elbow.
  • Models cannot wear any jewellery below the elbow.
  • No other decoration should be on any of the model’s hands. Henna or similar products are strictly prohibited.
  • Please inform the Contestant Registration Desk or any NAILATHON official if you or your model has any medical condition that requires special attention before the start of the competition.
  • Contestants and Models must remain at the venue till the Awards Ceremony to display the winning nails and for a group photograph. In the case of Fantasy en Vogue category,the models must also remain in costume.