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Classique Flat Art


  • Entry will consist of 10 nail tips placed next to each other, hand-painted with the given theme. Design can use all 10 tips as a single canvas or paint each nail with a separate character.
  • The tips cannot be longer than 2 inches and wider than ¾ of an inch.
  • The tips must be graduated in size according to the individual nails.
  • Finished tips must be wearable.
  • Original tip colour does NOT matter.
  • All work must be done by hand painting only. Absolutely no airbrushing is allowed. Only paint and polish may be used.
  • Surfaces of the painted tips must be completely flat without any raised surfaces
  • Top coat or UV gel sealant MUST be used but must NOT contain any glitter.
  • Plagiarised designs from other competitions or from the internet will be disqualified instantly and the artwork will not display at NAILATHON.
  • Competitors must submit a written statement in two parts:
    • Telling the story of your interpretation of the theme. Failure to provide this information will result in a point deduction in overall score. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME OR SALON NAME in this.
    • Detailing the products and processes used to create the art (DO NOT NAME SPECIFIC BRANDS OR MANUFACTURERS)
  • The entries must be sent in a proper plastic display box with a transparent lid. The name of the Contestant can be written on paper and pasted on the back of the box. The nails must be securely attached next to each other with glue to a plain black paper (no texture or colour or pattern) background in the box. They should not be secured to each other and should only be secured to the background.
  • There must be a clear distance of 2 inches minimum between the nails and the edge of the box on all sides.
  • The entries, along with the Contestant Form must be carefully packed and couriered to StyleSpeak office by 25th December 2015 . DO NOT mail the entries after this date. Entries can also be directly delivered at the office by the Contestant or their representative. Address - StyleSpeak NAILATHON, A-210/211 Srikant Chambers, Sion-Trombay Road Chembur East, Mumbai – 400071 Maharashtra. Tel: 022-25209069/ 67986906

Category:French Jazz
Duration: 60minutes
To be done: Both hands


  • This competition is done on natural nails only.
  • The nail design must stay within the French Manicure format with minimum deviation.
  • Nail Art must be a part of the design but the overall effect should have the sensibility of a French manicure
  • Participants can only use a maximum of 2 colors to create their nail art and only two colors should be visible on completion.
  • Embellishments may not be used.
  • Products containing glitter and/or any other color are not allowed.
  • Extensions of any kind are not allowed.
  • All smile lines must be done with a brush by hand. No products or templates may be used to assist in making the smile lines
  • Contestants must carry a print out of their concept explaining their inspiration for the nail art. Failure to do so will lead to a deduction in the points.


  • Model’s natural nails must be approximately 2:1 ratio from nail bed to nail tip.
  • The model must come with prepared hands with only the nails left to be manicured.
  • No procedures can be done on the nails before the competition.


  • Water and soap may be used in finishing.
  • No cleaning whatsoever should take place after the competition is over. Any contestant seen cleaning the nails/hands after the time period will be immediately disqualified.
  • Products like cream, oils and lotions may be used but use of excessive oil may lead to point deductions.
  • No consideration will be given for any pre-existing damage to a model’s natural nails, cuticles, or hands.