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Online Facebook Competition- NEW


  • This is a 2D nail art competition to be done on natural nails of one hand.
  • Hand-painted to the given theme of flowers, the design can use all 5 tips as a canvas or paint each nail with a flower.
  • All work must be done by hand painting only. Absolutely no airbrushing is allowed. Only nailpaint may be used, no glitter is allowed.
  • Surfaces of the painted tips must be completely flat without any raised surfaces
  • Top coat or UV gel sealant MUST be used but must NOT contain any glitter.
  • Plagiarised designs from other competitions or from the internet will be disqualified instantly and the artwork will not display at NAILATHON.
  • Shortlisted semi-finalists may be invited to NAILATHON to demonstrate their nail art, live.