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Fantasy en Vogue


  • Contestants must come prepped with the nail extensions already attached to the model's nails. No other preparation beyond that allowed on the model's nails.
  • The pre-made 3D attachments must be made by the contestant themselves. Judges may ask for a real time demonstration from the contestants.
  • Contestants must create fantasy nail art on the nail extensions, according to the 'Fairy Tale movie' theme.
  • Three dimensional embellishments, feathers, decals, gems, accessories, nail piercings with hanging ornaments or any form of fantasy are allowed but must cover only 25% of the nail.
  • Contestants will be required to bring their own drills with an extension cord if need be.
  • Competitors may not use any copyrighted art, designs or logos. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  • Contestants must be able present their concept explaining their interpretation of the theme for the nail art to the Jury. Failure to do so will lead to deduction in points.


  • The model must be in costume according to the theme at the beginning of the competition and be prepared for judging at the scheduled report time.
  • Models must be able to walk in costume without assistance.
  • Please make sure that your costume or look complements the nail art.
  • Only the model and competitor are allowed on the competition floor. The costuming, make-up and hair must be assembled before the competition.


  • Water and soap may be used in finishing.
  • No cleaning whatsoever should take place after the competition is over.
  • Pre-existing damage to the model's nails or hands will not be considered
  • Products like cream, oils and lotions may be used but excessive oil will lead to points deduction